Taiwan Innocence Project (TIP) dedicates to the exoneration of the wrongfully convicted, the analysis of the causes of miscarriage of justice and to raise public awareness on such issues. TAI takes only post-conviction cases with invalid forensic science or severe procedural flaws.

The case screening procedure of TAI are as followed:
  1. Prioritizing:
    Cases with more serious sentences (i.e. capital punishment) will be prioritized.    
  2. A review process held by the Case Evaluation Committee
    Each application will be reviewed by the Case Evaluation Committee, which is composed by a team of lawyers with the director of the Board as Chair.
Committee members will meet at least once for each case to determine whether there is invalid forensic science or procedural flaws involved in the case, if so, whether further legal actions are possible to prove innocent. Normally, a case will be evaluated within two months.