17 Years of the Houfeng Bridge case: Acquittals for Wang Chih-Cheng and Hung Shih-Wei

【Press Release】 17 Years of the Houfeng Bridge case: Acquittals for Wang Chih-Cheng and Hung Shih-Wei December 31st, 2019 After fighting for their innocence for 17 years, our client Wang Chih-Cheng and Hung Shih-Wei were both acquitted by the Taiwan High Court Taichung Branch Court on December 31, 2019. The two were accused of dropping […]

After fighting for 32 years, Mr. Su Pin-Kun(蘇炳坤) was finally exonerated

Today, we are pleased to announce the exonerations of Mr. Su Pin-kun(蘇炳坤) from Taiwan Innocence Project. After fighting for 32 years, Su finally had his verdict overturned on August 8, and the decision became finalized on August 27. The case of Su Pin-kun is one of the most well-known wrongful conviction cases that has even […]

Editorial: Pardonee’s Battle Sets Precedent

By Stephen Hsu and Brian Tratner Published via Taipei Times (Click here for original page) Su Pin-kun (蘇炳坤) slowly walked down the hall of the Taiwan High Court and took a seat outside the courtroom. It was the first hearing since the Supreme Court on Feb. 8 affirmed the constitutionality of having a retrial for […]

CHENG Hsing-Tse exonerated from death-row today!

We are very pleased to anno2017uce that Taiwan Innocence Project’s first client Mr. CHENG Hsing-Tse, is exonerated today! was accused of murdering a police officer in 2002. The most crucial piece of evidence that led to conviction was false confession, along with government misconduct and invalid forensic science. He was convicted and sentenced to death. […]

High Court ordered a retrial and release for Lin Chin-Kui

Lin Chin—Kui was convicted for murdering a taxi driver in 2010, and was sentenced to life. In 2013, he reached out to the Taiwan Innocence Project claiming his innocence.

「No One Can Be Treated Like This」 Understand the Case of Zheng Xing-Ze and Support Him

After spending 14 years in prison, Zheng eventually got a breakthrough. We hope this is optimistic sign displaying that the judicial system is willing to face faults, rectify and take responsibilities.

The Condemned Who is Innocent: Zheng Xing-Ze-After Ten Years since the Final Judgement, It Was the F

After Ten Years since the Final Judgement, It Was the First Time that the Court Came on Trial for Xing—Ze Zheng

Wrongful Conviction Day 2015, TAI urges to Stand up for Jin-Kai Lu

Lu, now 56 years old, was accused of rape and murder in 1993. The HLA—DQαDNA test showed that Lu’s DNA matched the physical evidence secured at the crime scene. Although Lu maintained his innocence, he was convicted of rape and sentenced for 20 years.