04 Advocate

We hope to create an open and dynamic space that can spur more public discussion and the exchange of ideas to resolve the problem of wrongful conviction.

•    Annual Conference

Every year, we invite law-related practitioners, like scholars, professors, judges, prosecutors, forensic experts, and human rights defense attorneys, to exchange our thoughts and knowledge for a variety of issues related to wrongful convictions, such as the reason and contributors of wrongful convictions, how to use DNA evidence to exonerate, post-conviction legal procedures, and life after exoneration.

•    Social Dialogues

Besides the annual conferences, we also actively engage in public communications. We hold training workshops for attorneys, ask experts from different disciplines to give talks, and hold campus tours to share the stories of the innocent people and to show documentaries about their lives.

•    Legal Education

We collaborate with universities and conducts Wrongful Convictions Clinic. We teach law students how to analyze criminal cases and challenge wrongful convictions. We run internship and voluntary programs for college students, and give public talks at different occasions to share our work.

•    International Collaboration

In 2015, we officially joined the Innocence Network, becoming the 69th member in the network and the 2nd member in the Asia.

In 2018, Taiwan Innocence Project, along with Innocence Project Japan, Judicial Reform Foundation (Taiwan) and human-right defense attorney Park Joon-Young (South Korea) and Innocence International Thailand, signed the “Statement of the Asian Innocence Movement Activists” and officially formed the “Asian Innocence Network,” devoting ourselves into the Asian Innocence Movement and work as one to right flaws in our judicial systems in order to prevent future wrongful convictions.