01 Exonerate

01 Exonerate

Once being convicted, to challenge or to change the results made by previous judges is often difficult. It is our primary job to provide legal assistance for them to retain exoneration by all means.

We take in applications from defendants who exhausted direct appeal, but still, claim to be innocent. To pass initial review, the cases must involve either flawed forensic evidence or severe due process violation.

•    Flawed Forensic Evidence

We examine the forensic evidence involved in each case. We frequently collaborate with experts from various areas to establish solid and objective interpretation of the scientific evidence and possible strategies in court.

•    Due Process Violation

We take close looks at different phases of the criminal procedure, including crime scene investigation, preservation of evidence, interrogation, and eyewitness identification procedure. We look for violation of due process that may infringe upon the rights of the convicted to a fair trial.
We analyze and evaluate exoneration strategies for each case through careful review of case files and judgments, interviews with witnesses, inspection of relative location and scenes, consultation with organizations or experts, and search for new forensic science technologies.
Since our establishment in 2012, TIP has received over a thousand claims of innocence.