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Lin Chin-Kui was convicted for murdering a taxi driver in 2010, and was sentenced to life. In 2013, he reached out to the Taiwan Innocence Project claiming his innocence.
Type :Press release
After spending 14 years in prison, Zheng eventually got a breakthrough. We hope this is optimistic sign displaying that the judicial system is willing to face faults, rectify and take responsibilities.
Type :Press release
After Ten Years since the Final Judgement, It Was the First Time that the Court Came on Trial for Xing-Ze Zheng
Type :Press release
Lu, now 56 years old, was accused of rape and murder in 1993. The HLA-DQαDNA test showed that Lu's DNA matched the physical evidence secured at the crime scene. Although Lu maintained his innocence, he was convicted of rape and sentenced for 20 years.
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Taiwan Association for innocence joins the Innocence Network
Type :Case
The documentary of Long-Qi Chen
Type :Press release
With the use of improved DNA technology, comparing 23 pairs of allele rather 17 pairs, the result successfully exonerated Long-Qi Chen on March 26, 2014 after 1490 days.
Type :救援案件
A press release from Cheng's lawyers concerning the Control Yuan's March 12 report
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