After 1490 days of being accused of a crime he did not commit, Long-Qi Chen is finally exonerated!
Type:Press release
Update: 2017/01/23
Long-Qi Chen was accused of being involved in a sexual assault case, on the night of march 25, 2009, three of Long-Qi Chen friends went to his house to drink and called two girls around 3 A.M. to join them drinking, at the same time Long-Qi Chen want to pick his wife after work. Around 10 P.M. the two girls went to report to the police that they were sexually assaulted while unconscious.
On the clothes of one the girls found DNA evidence that showed two of his friends and his own DNA could not be excluded, and there is chance that the DNA belongs to Long-Qi Chen, and the court used this evidence to convict Long-Qi Chen, while denied his involvement throughout the case.
After consulting with a professor from National Taiwan University Medical School, we discovered that this case is likely to be a case of wrongful conviction and decided to help.
With the use of improved DNA technology, comparing 23 pairs of allele rather 17 pairs, the result successfully exonerated Long-Qi Chen on March 26, 2014 after 1490 days.